Tips to Get the Most of Your Psychedelic Experience

psychedelics for depression

Trip Prepping 101: Tips to Get the Most of Your Psychedelic Experience

A psychedelics for depression experience may be extremely enjoyable, but it also bears real risks. Here’s how to have a good psychedelic trip.

As a coach and “influencer” I am honored to speak with new people everyday who are ready to tap into the healing powers of psychedelics, ready to align more with mother nature and liberating themselves from the matrix. For the longest time many people I speak with have used psychedelics before – some ceremonially, some at parties psychedelics for depression  .

Recently I have connecting with more and more people that are very new to the psychedelic world, having heard of microdosing from a friend or popular podcast now that psychedelics have become more mainstream as a remedy for mental heath and addiction, A common question surfacing now is “how do I create a safe place to trip?”, so I created this simple guide: TRIP PREPPING 101.

Below you will find my top tips for creating a safe setting so you can get the most out of your psychedelic expierence. I have organized them up into three categories; inner world, outer world and integration because each is super important to consider as you embark on your psychedelic journey. Additionally, I used bullet form to keep things simple and allow you the space to determine what’s best for you, where you’re at now.

Inner World

  • Sit down and figure out what matters most to you from your experience. An intention is an aim or goal you want to center your experience around. An intention works as an anchor you can return to if you find yourself venturing into frightening territory psychedelics for depression .
  • Empty your mind of harmful thoughts – get out all the dark fears, panic or anxiety and make room in your subconscious for this new expierence. Studies suggest that grounding yourself outside, also called “earthing,” actually provides health benefits that help you to relax, reduce pain, and even sleep better. Allow this energy to express itself in whatever form feels right to you – journaling, jumping, uncontrolled shaking, yoga postures, dancing, or ritualistic type of movements.
  • Do not attach yourself to expectations—whether physical, intellectual, or spiritual. Get out of your own way and allow the medicine to guide your expierence.
  • Prepare to surrender – rather than fighting your discomforts, lovingly observe them and take note of them. Be curious about what you experience, write down anything enlightening and then move on.
  • Caution: It is advised that those with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder should not ingest these substances due to the way they strongly amplify one’s current state of mind and emotions. Psychedelics do not mix well with pharmaceutical medications or alcohol.

Outer World

  • It is essential to know that the psychedelic has come from a reliable source and that you take the proper dose. Like any food or medicine, you want to ensure that if its going in your body its from a happy & healthy source.
  • Consider employing a Trip Sitter for the night. Make sure it’s someone who you trust to help talk you through anything that may come up. Additionally, having someone around to help with practical needs (like getting you a glass of water or passing a joint) will let you focus on your journey psychedelics for depression .
  • Make sure you have plenty of time to stay in the space for the duration of the experience. For example, LSD’s effects tend to begin around an hour after ingestion and can last for over eight hours. Psilocybin mushrooms’ effects usually start 30–60 minutes after ingestion and last between four and six hours. Keep in mind that going from place to place, being in a public setting, or dealing with logistical matters can be difficult while using psychedelics and can also be a source of anxiety.
  • Setup the room that you will be in so that it feels right to you. You may want to have some music to listen to (music without words is recommended, as it is less likely to pull your thoughts away). You may feel a deeper awareness of your body so having a yoga mat or massage oil can be a nice treat. More profound emotions and feelings can come up so having a pen and journal is a must as well. Equip your trip space with cushions, blankets, and somewhere to lie down if necessary. Be within easy reach of a water source and toilet.
  • Avoid general bad vibes of any sort. This may seem obvious, but do not watch scary or unpleasant films and do not listen to unpleasant music. Burn some incense or smudge if it helps you. Try to spend some quiet time in nature if you need to get into a positive and peaceful mood. Familiar and comfortable; an uncluttered room or secluded outdoor environment is best if you begin to have a “bad trip”.


  • The after-effects of a trip can last for weeks or even months. Sometimes, people have revelations about certain aspects of their lives that they wish to change. An integration specialist can be helpful in making sense of any visions, thoughts, or feelings that stood out to you. By examining these peak moments, you can learn how to bring these realizations into your day-to-day life.
  • Having a professional therapist on hand can help individuals work through any emotional issues or trauma that arise during their experience, and can help ensure the physical safety of the person undergoing the experience.
  • A coach can help with setting goals and integrating a psychedelic experience for lasting, positive change. An integration coach like myself can additionally help you in examining visual, physical, or psychological experiences to gain insight from the trip. They can guide you in how to live with your new understanding of the self or others, track your progress when moving towards goals and become accountable for making lasting changes.
  • Integration circles are groups where people can gather to discuss their psychedelic journeys and integrate them into everyday life. They may be run by a professional therapist or a person with significant psychedelic experience.
  • When setting intentions for future experiences, the rule of thumb is the more profound the experience, the longer you should wait before doing it again. A comfortable time frame for most individuals is at least six months. It takes at least this long to integrate the learning and insights into your life psychedelics for depression .

By following these tips, you can reap the most of what will always be a transformative experience. A psychedelic experience is a lot like giving birth – you have the preparation (9 months of pregnancy), birthing expierence (average 5 hours) and the integration (from breastfeeding to grand-babies, 18+ years) yet for each person, their journey is completely unique.

Psychedelics can provide deep insights into yourself as an individual and how you interact with your world, but using them in a way that reduces harm and enhances the benefits requires courage, an open mind, and a good attitude.

As always, I am sending you much love and positivity.
~ Ashley Michaud

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